Week 1

Introduction – Background, Experience, Time-zone

Foundation – Patience, Discipline, Emotions, Mindset, Expectations

Trading – Process not Goal Orientated, Trading Plan Template

Advanced – Adapting, Flexible, Money & Risk Management, Position Sizing

Assignment – Self-Assessment, Trader Test

Week 2

Edge – Journal, Self-development, Open-minded, Motivated, Calm, Confident

Technical Analysis – Smart Money Concepts, Market Structure, Market Regime

Workspace – Platforms, Data Feed, No Distractions

Strategy – Checklist – HTF POI, LTF Liquidity, BOS + FVG, OTE, IDM, RR, SMT

Assignment – 30 Trade Challenge, Super Trader by Van Tharp

Week 3

Technical Analysis – Fair Value Gaps / Imbalances, Order Blocks, Kill Zones

Topics – Directional Bias, Liquidity, SFPs, Breakouts, London Fix, Market Maker Buy/Sell Models

Charting – Daily & 1h Technical Analysis Markup

Analyze – 30 Trade Challenge, Review & Adjust, Set Goal

Assignment – TradingView Chart Analysis of EURUSD/ES using SMC Indicators

Week 4

Technical Analysis – Smart Money Reversal, Power of 3, AMD, OTE

Trading Plan – Definition of Strategy (One Market, One Strategy)

Back Testing- 500 Trades minimum (using TradingView Replay function or SoftFX)

Assignment – Back Test with screenshots

Week 5

Technical Analysis – Dealing Ranges, Premium/Discount, SMT, CBDR

Productivity – Eliminate Distractions, Focus, Process Flowchart

Routine – Exercise, Economic Calendar, Kill Zones, Journaling

Assignment – Continue with Back Test

Week 6

Technical Analysis – MMxM, The Trading Model, IPDA

Back Test – Edgewonk, Demon Finder, Daily/Weekly Plan

Growth – New Trade Ideas, 30 Trade Challenge

Assignment – Trading Plan Checklist, Refined & Complete, Submit for Feedback

Week 7

Management – Risk & Position Sizing & Calculator

Prop Firms – Passing Challenges & Getting Funded

Journaling – Efficient, Profit/Loss Analysis, RR, Drawdown & MFE/MAE statistics

Backup – Trading System

Week 8

My Weekly Trading Plan

Back Test, Study, Journal – Feedback

Technical Analysis – Roundup

Week 9

Sierra Chart – Footprint, TPO & Volume Analysis

CME Futures

Commitment of Traders (COT)

Week 10

Daily Swing Trading Strategy

Scalping Strategy

Pivot Strategy

Week 11


Week 12